Friday, January 30, 2009

out of the box

Keeping an open mind to reading things that might not normally be "on my list".......


  1. We have just watched Chris Betcher, and I enjoyed the discussion it sparked about a number of issues.

    These included a look at some "internet hoaxes" such as "bonsai cats" and "spaghetti trees". These show interesting snippets about how false stories can be made to look and sound convincingly realistic.

    It was also great to go "behind the scenes" of how a wikipedia article is developed. This gave me a lot of insight as to how the process works.

  2. I encourage you to spend some time on wikipedia.

    Could you use it in your class?

    Could you have students read an article, and then edit it to improve it linking to information and making them contributors to a world body of knowledge?

    Might want to look at wiki books ( where students and teachers around the world are writing text books online. They are not finished or complete...but that allows you and your class to create them as you learn. Learn, create, change, enhance for other to use.

  3. You might want to include the text you write in your comments within the actual blog post above - comments will not come through in the RSS reader, which means that your classmates will only see the one sentence in your blog post and not the rest of your thoughts. Titles might also help readers understand the topic of your posts.