Friday, February 13, 2009

Messing Around

so it seems that having an untended MySpace was not "messing around" in the new appears that messing around involves the experimental playing around with new media, involving social exchanges, and capturing and modifying and sharing of images, music and videos

for a long time my only friend was "TOM" and he seemed to be quite popular, with several million other friends...

after that i stuttered into having a few other friends, but made no effort to "mess around" and add other applications

looking back, i can see that perhaps messing around isn't such a massive waste of time if it allows the development of skills, such as learning how to utilize media while upgrading and improving a profile

others use this messing around as a gateway into further creative pursuits; it appears that it is a relatively safe domain in which to practice new things and produce a body of work that others can view and give feedback

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