Thursday, December 10, 2009

Project Reflection

The project I am designing will be in collaboration with my teaching colleague Martin Herrmann. Out "big picture" goal is to have the students communicate scientific ideas and processes clearly and concisely to a different group of students outside of the class where the science work is taking place.

The method of communication will be to use blogs to post ideas and findings, and then have other the other student group comment on these. We want students to experience first hand how important it is to be able to explain ideas and concepts clearly so that others can understand and then repeat(the scientific method).

Our students will realize immediately when they have not been clear; the reviewing students when seeking clarification will draw attention to any omissions or lack of detail.

In the same vein, our students will also have the chance to use deep thinking to examine and comment on a different groups science investigations, and critique the work of others.

A project sketch with further details can be seen here.

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