Thursday, October 29, 2009

Science Screencast

After exhilarating success with a foray into document camera techno-land, I was ready to attempt the long sought after mission of using notebook video capture software. My plan was to create a short clip that could be used to walk the kids through logging on to our FOSS Science website.

In the past, I used handout sheets of paper and also my smartboard where i would talk the class through the process. This was usually a dull and repetitive affair (for me as well as the kids!).

The 2.0 approach would hopefully make my life easier, as well as the process easier for the kids to follow along. It will certainly save on having to make, print, and store hard copies of the instructions.

The process itself was relatively painless. In quick time, with one or two trial runs, I was able to create a resource to be used next time our class logs onto FOSS.

I can see several potential pitfalls of this method, and the next time I use it I will be looking forward to see where those glitches are, and if I can iron them out in subsequent improved versions. Undoubtedly, the usual gamut of computer/kid issues will throw spanners into the works. I am sure I will have to address parts of my presentation (for example speed of delivery)in order to refine for it for the future.

Watch this space for the run-down on the result.

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  1. Well done Jono! the next step is to learn how to zoom in on certain areas of the screen (like the address bar) when you're doing something specific.