Saturday, October 10, 2009

Video and Video Editing

Today my heading is spinning as usual after several hours of technology absorption. My usual feeling of bewilderment is somewhat enhanced by seeing the speed with which others seem to be able to use some of these applications. However, I am committed to keep on trying to twiddle, tweak, twist and tumble my way through a variety of these programs, to the ultimate goal of being able to use some them effectively in my classes.

The session yielded a bunch of treasures I knew little or nothing about, including movie maker, jing, and notebook recorder. In addition, I also learned how to use the document camera to make movie clips, something that has been on my list since I started using the camera at the start of the year.

The jing and notebook recorder I am eager to use for the purpose of showing students a flow of instructions that I often have to repeat. Examples where I could use this is when showing students how to log into a particular website for example, Connected Math or FOSS Science that requires quite a series of steps (as well as usernames and passwords).

One area that I am keen to use further is the use of the document camera to produce video showing certain science procedures (e.g preparing a slide). In the past I have use different methods to get this across; the old school “gather round and watch this", and more recently, using YouTube or other media to show the students the process. I would much prefer to show the students the procedure while I narrating the procedure. I can now do this by recording the steps with the camera, and having this clip on my PC desktop for instant access.

Watch this space for the upcoming “How to Make a Slide”.

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